Analysis of Lincoln's telegram writing - a new literacy?

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This is a page for initial work on analysis of Lincoln's telegram writing writing style

The activity directions

Our task over the next 10 days will be to systematically analyze the telegrams in our digital collection at and Each of you will read all of the telegrams (should take about 2 hours), and record your impressions of Lincoln's style as a telegraph writer. Use the following criteria to produce your critique.

1. What are some of the prominent themes in Lincoln's telegraph writing?

2. What sort of conventions did Lincoln follow or eschew when composing telegram memos?

3. How would you describe Lincoln's communicative style (e.g. forceful, friendly, technical, detailed, verbose, etc)?

4. What sorts of changes do you detect over time (from March 10, 1864 to April 11, 1865) in Lincoln's writing and communicating?

5. What are some other characteristics or styles that are particularly interesting or representative of Lincoln's telegraph writing literacy?

Please post here analysis below, include your name.

Lincoln: An Inquiry Based Approach to Presidential Literature and Communication by Darrell D Lingle

Lincoln the super amazing telegrapher by Paige Woodard

Cheri Lewis

Lincoln the Writer by: Jessica Faison

Agron Rama

Britney Kensmoe

Lincoln and the beginning of abbreviation? By Daniel

Tim Justice

Aaron Johnson

Lincoln's New Literacy by Melanie Spransy

Kelsey Richards

Lincoln and the Telegraph by Melissa Hoard

Lincoln's New Style by Amber Adcock

Todd Atkinson

Abe Lincoln Gettin' it done by Zach

Lincoln and the Telegram by Joseph Mott

Lincoln's Telegraphic Literacy - Carly Brown

Lincoln's Style - Andrew Wit

Pardon my Telegram By Edgar Huff

Anna Burgess

Lincoln's Writing-Christian Kupatt

President, Statesman, and Commander in Chief - Lincoln the Technophile by Justin Keever

Lincoln's art of writing-Amanda Gao

Lincoln's new literacy by DeLisa Hawkes

Crystal Simmons

Man and Machine: Lincoln's use of the Telegraph by Robert Hooper

Calm Under Pressure: Lincoln and the Telegraph Jeremy Barbour

Lincoln's Writing Style by Lu Yang

Ya-Shen Huang

Lincoln the Telegraph Author by Sarah Lasater

Lincoln: The Communicator Summer Hill

Lincoln: The Master of the Telegram by Ashley Short

Lincoln and the New Literacy of Telegrams by Kimberly Paxton