Geographic analysis of Lincoln telegrams

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This video depicts a geographic analysis of Lincoln telegrams from .... The analysis was completed by Derek Lee and his son C. J.

more text here about Derek and C. J. - how they completed the project, etc

Some additional ideas for how this map might be used or extended.

Maybe make an interactive map…where a user can click on a line on the map and read the telegram…and maybe some context.

Assign “Subject” to each of the telegrams, then color code the maps (e.g. War, Personal, etc.) and make some graphs based on the different categories over time.

Assign some sort of a “Feeling” or “Sentiment” to each of the telegrams. Initially we talked about doing a word/count tabulation and assigning “Good”, “Bad”, “Neutral” to each word to see if a general trend could be derived…like, maybe when the war’s not going well Lincoln sent telegrams that scored more “Bad” words. And when things were going well, maybe the telegrams scored more “Good”. We tested something like that out on a couple of telegrams when we decided it was going to be a little dubious on the Good vs. Bad, given issues with Lincoln’s use of words, wit, and sarcasm. I think it’s got some research potential in there yet though…