Interpretative essays on Lincoln and the Civil War

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A collection of narrative interpretive essay exploring topic related to Lincoln and Civil War using telegrams as a starting point for the research.

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An Officer and a President - Tyler Arnold; Additional Researcher: Liz Harrod

Lincoln in all Quarters - Josh Neal; Additional Researcher: Tyler Arnold

Lincoln As A Sympathetic Leader - Kenny Collishaw; Additional Researcher: Logan Blankenship

The Lincoln "Cypher" Telegrams - Telegraph and Security - D. Chad Guthrie

Lincoln and Fatherhood - Ashley Varnadoe; Additional Researcher: Susie Mann

Micromanager In Chief - Logan Blankenship; Additional Researcher: Racheal Hall

Lincoln and Press Supression - MacKenzie Brinkman; Additional Research: Josh Neal

Lincoln's Justification for Acts of Clemency - Susie Mann; Additional Researcher: Adam Lipay

Unlawful Impressment of African-Americans - Writer: Racheal Hall; Additional Researcher: Charlotte Roberts

The Lincoln Family's Refuge at the Soldiers' Home - Liz Harrod; Additional Researcher: D. Chad Guthrie

Abraham Lincoln: Pardoner in Chief - Evan Long; Additional Researcher: Kenny Collishaw

Abraham Lincoln: To Pardon? Why or why not? - Charlotte Roberts; Additional Researcher: David Balmer

Lincoln: Mastermind in Chief - David Balmer; Additional Researcher: Evan Long

The Power of Politics & Technology - Adam Lipay; Additional Researcher: Ashley Varnadoe

Hampton Roads to Peace - Coy Herbert; Additional Researcher: MacKenzie Brinkman