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The Lincoln Telegram Wiki is an ongoing collaboration of students and teachers interested in President Abraham Lincoln's use of the telegraph. The project is based at NC State University and directed by John Lee. This wiki contains transcripts of telegram memos produced by President Abraham Lincoln from March 10, 1864 through April 12, 1865. Analysis and transcriptions of the telegram memos are presented here along with Images of the memos. A separate presentation of the telegrams is available from our companion site at
link= Collected Works Abraham Lincoln

Background Information on Lincoln's use of the telegraph

The Lincoln Telegrams Blog -

Using the Lincoln Telegrams wiki

The telegrams are separated by month and year. Previously, the telegrams had been listed, without separation, in total. If you would like to see that view, you may click here.

March, 1864 April, 1864 May, 1864 June, 1864 July, 1864 August, 1864
September, 1864 October, 1864 November, 1864 December, 1864
January, 1865 February, 1865 March, 1865 April, 1865

We invite you to use these telegrams in your classroom with your students. Primary source documents are beneficial to student learning, and aide in students learning how history is created.

Current Projects

Lincoln Telegrams book project

Other materials

Analysis of Lincoln's telegram writing - a new literacy?

A collection of Hypertext essays presenting analysis of the Lincoln the telegrams

A collection of Research topics recently investigated by students and teachers.

Telegrams for students at Midway High School - February 29, 2012

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