May 13, 1864

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Telegram Sent on: May 13, 1864.
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Office of U.S. Military Telegraph

War Department

Washington, D.C., May 13, 1864

Major General Wallace

Baltimore, Md.

I was very anxious to avoid new

excitements at places when quiet seemed to be res-

tored; but after reading, and considering, your letter,

and inclosure, I have to say I leave you to act

your careful discretion in this matter. The good

news this morning, I hope will have a good

effect all round.

A. Lincoln

Recd. 1040 am

Sent 11 am

By Wes

Historical analysis

Summary of telegram

In this telegram President Lincoln is writing to General Wallace letting him know that as a result of his letter that he has left him to make a decision. He also lets General Wallace know that good news would be that all ends well.

The Context for this telegram

President Lincoln giving General Wallace and Honorable E. M. Stanton the permission to gather a volunteer militia force that can be used in Baltimore. Governor Bradford and Hon. Stanton are communicating to ensure that supplies and equipment will be made available. Hon. Stanton then writes to General Wallace to give him the specifics of the troops. Those details include that Governor Bradford can furnish two or three regiments to take place of the other troops temporarily in Baltimore. These troops are equipped with Enfield muskets and first class muskets.

Inferences about the telegram

It can be assumed that General Wallace was uncertain of whether Governor Bradford would be able to supply the volunteer militia along with the needed supplies. Also, there remains the question, why the current militia is being replaced temporarily? Another inference includes the telegram sent by Lincoln to General Wallace and giving him the permission to seek another militia without speaking with Governor Bradford.


By: Summer Hill