November 5, 1864 (2)

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Telegram Sent on: November 5, 1864.
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Executive Mansion

Washington, Nov. 5, 1864

Hon. W.H. Seward

Auburn, New York

No news of consequences this morning.

A. Lincoln

No6 CNY (?)


Recd 12 m(?)

Sent 141 pm

By [---]

Historical analysis

This analysis makes use of a heuristic for historical thinking know as SCIM-C developed by David Hicks, Peter Doolittle and Tom Ewing. For more about this historical thinking heuristic please see

Summary of the telegram

Lincoln is sending a telegram to William H. Seward that there is no news to report at the moment.

The Context for this telegram

On November 4th, the Battle of Johnsonville was fought and two Union boats were captured/destroyed (conflicting accounts. The next day, Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry and the two captured/destroyed boats (conflicting accounts) moved up the Tennessee River and attacked the Union supply depot there.[1] The supply base was bombarded with artillery fire from General Bedford's guns and millions of dollars of materials were destroyed.[2] The raid was in an effort to disrupt supply lines linking to General Sherman who captured Georgia in the summer.

News of Lincoln's victory over George McClellan would occur three days after this telegram is sent.

Inferences about the telegram

Nothing of consequence happened.