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Office US Military Telegraph

War Department

Washington, D.C. November 8, 1864

The managing committee of the Sailors Fair

Boston Mass.

Allow me to wish you a great success. With the old fame of the navy, made brighter in the present war, you can not fail. I name none, lest I wrong others by omission. To all, from dear admiral, to honest Jack, I tender the nations admiration and gratitude.

A. Lincoln


Read 4:43 pm

Sent 5:30 pm

By 3(?)

Historical analysis

This analysis makes use of a heuristic for historical thinking know as SCIM-C developed by David Hicks, Peter Doolittle and Tom Ewing. For more about this historical thinking heuristic please see

Summary of the telegram

This is a telegram sent by President Lincoln to the managing committee of the Sailors Fair in which Lincoln is congratulating and thanking the committee for all they have done. He does this with a sense of grandeur and careful phrasing not to leave out anything.

The Context for this telegram

This telegram was being sent during the Sailors Fair in Boston, Massachusetts and the occasion was intended to financially assist injured seaman and marines. Some of the contributions would go to a home for permanently injured sailors. As the war was coming to an end there were quite a few sailors that were coming back injured from war so Lincoln certainly wanted to thank organizations for helping the returning military personnel.

Inferences about the telegram

The way Lincoln crafts this message also signals how important he wanted the committee members to feel about the work they were doing. He does this by using an array of vocabulary to thank the members. He also builds up the navy by saying the navy is “made brighter” in the present war and thanked the committee on behalf of the entire navy from the admiral on down to the lowly seaman known as honest Jack.