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There are a many of potential uses for the Lincoln Telegrams Wiki.

Perhaps the most obvious use of this is be as a primary source resource on Abraham Lincoln’s use of the telegram. In addition to this, it could be used as a pedagogical tool for teaching lessons not only about Lincoln’s use of the telegram but about his use of contemporary cutting-edge technology and, subsequently, about his leadership style as president and commander-in-chief. Furthermore, it could be an invaluable resource for teacher, students and scholars for research, lessons, and schoolwork on Lincoln’s character, his views and values that may be absent from his published writings, speeches and the like. A further use for the wiki specific to secondary school history teachers as a pedagogical tool for an inquiry based lesson or unit on the events and developments of the last years of the Civil War. In this potential use, first the teacher could select a group of the telegraphs that are related to a specific event of 1864-1865 . For example, the teacher could choose those telegrams that came from days in which major events of the Siege of Petersburg. Students would have to then read the selected telegrams, their context and their significance on the Wiki. They would then be required to research the events of that occurred on the days of the selected telegraphs. Next they would have to fill in the gaps between the selected telegraphs. They could use the wiki as a starting point, but they would have to do additional research to fill out the timeline for the Petersburg Campaign. Finally, the wiki could be used as a tool for practicing Common Core skills and other history related skills. For example, students could be assigned a month from the wiki. They would then be required to research an produce brief reports on the important people and events that were mentioned in the telegrams from that month. Thereby they would be able to practice doing research as well as their writing skills.